We have the science of Kérastase + our Pink Rain meteorology to help you and your hair no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!


Let the luxury rain down on you...reinvent your look for spring with a dynamic cut and colour topped off with an instant-satisfaction treatment.

Dry, itchy scalp? We have a treatment for that.

Damaged hair? We have a treatment for that.

Limp, lifeless hair? We have a treatment for that.

Frizzy, unmanageable hair? We have a treatment for that.

On a budget? We have a treatment for that.

Add a dose of nutrition with one of our Precious Metal Rituals. See Menu of Services for more details.


BRONZE: Intensive Hair Masques - $19.95 ~~~~~ this month only $13!!

Treat and repair your hair fiber from the inside-out.


SILVER: Kérastase 10' Ritual Treatment - $29.95

Serum sealing ritual for split ends that leaves you with instant end recovery, no visible signs of split ends, and a freshly-cut hair feel.


COPPER: Kérastase FUSIO-DOSE Treatment - $49.95

See FUSIO-DOSE page for more details about this treatment that offers 20 customizable options!


TITANIUM: Kérastase Scalp Science Rituals $19.95 - $124.95 +

A facial for your scalp. Protect, moisturize, invigorate. Safe for all forms of chemically treated hair. 


GOLD: 18K - 3D Nutrience Protocole Imunite  - $74.95

             24K - 4D NPI (includes 30 minute massage) - $134.95

Extreme dryness treatment.


 PLATINUM: Kérastase Chronologiste Restorative Intensive Treatment- $139.95

The caviar of transformative treatments. Essential revitalizing and restorative concentrate to rebalance, normalize, and protect the hair and scalp.


DIAMOND PLATINUM: Kérastase Discipline Anti-Frizz/Fluidity/Shine Treatment - $149.95

Formulated with morpho-keratine, this top-shelf treatment will not affect your curl or volume and cannot damage the hair as it is 100% cosmetic. 

Introducing the newest innovative products from Kérastase...

A hair loss prevention system at its finest. Innovation + Technology = Results

Specifique Prevention line.jpg

Change your shampoo, change your life.

Take a moment for yourself...disconnect from the real world and reconnect with your inner zen. Put your feet up and wrap your hands around hot stones as we massage your tension away using products designed for purification and detoxification. Close your eyes and relax as the heat of hot towels warms & assists in the absorption of treatments.

Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy. Repeat.