Once upon a time in a frosty northern land, lived hardworking people that sometimes forgot the importance of proper self care. They suffered from extreme season changes, dry air and lackluster water. As a result, they often found themselves struggling to find solutions for their hair and scalp challenges...until a noble salon by the name of Pink Rain made luxury hair care accessible to all.

Offering magnificent solutions, the magical line of Kérastase became known across the land as the premiere choice in royal hair care. Engineered in France and produced in Spain, word spread that Kérastase delivered innovation, technology and results wrapped in a generous layer of luxury. The people were joyous that finally, there was a line of products that did the work for them. This allowed them to focus attention on their busy lives yet routinely pamper themselves without setting aside extra time to think about it.

This was the beginning of a happily ever after...

fairyTALE LAND.jpg

Change your shampoo, change your life. The end.

Take a moment for yourself...disconnect from the real world and reconnect with your inner zen. Put your feet up and wrap your hands around hot stones as we massage your tension away using products designed for purification and detoxification. Close your eyes and relax as the heat of hot towels warms & assists in the absorption of treatments.

Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy. Repeat.